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- Super Milon CD-ROM
Jerusalem Dictionary CD-ROM

Jerusalem Dictionary is a bilingual English/Hebrew - Hebrew/English dictionary and thesaurus, always in the background of your screen, ready to be called. It includes hundreds of thousands of translations, synonyms and antonyms, and thousands of English and Hebrew phrases and expressions with their translations. Its unique cross checking translation allows you to find the closest translation to the specified word. Super Milon also includes thousands of tables of English and Hebrew verbs fully conjugated. You can print the Hebrew verb table and use it as a wonderful learning tool.

Super Milon's unique cross-checking feature helps you to find and identify the translation closest to your meaning. It includes antonyms, suggests synonyms, and allows you to add new words.

Super Milon includes thousands of bilingual phrases and expressions, which you can search for, according to any word you enter, retrieve, translate to the other language, and paste in your word processor's text.

Super Milon also includes over 8,000 English and Hebrew verb tables, fully conjugated. You can print the Hebrew verb table and use it as a wonderful Hebrew verb learning tool!

System Requirements:

* IBM computer or compatible

* Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP

* 8 MB RAM or more

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