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1. B'nai Chayim - Children of Life - Messianic Jewish Congregation in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Bnai Chayim/Children of Life: A Messianic Jewish community in Edmonton, Alberta affiliated with the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations

2. EliYah's Home Page
This is a place for those who are serious about worshipping our Father in Spirit and Truth. May Yahweh be magnified and may He bless those who seek Him.

3. Jews For Jesus Site for Christians
Jews For Jesus Site for Christians

4. Lev HaShem Messianic Congregation of Las Vegas
Sharing The Good News of Yeshua with Jewish and Gentile People, One Person at a Time

5. Messianic Bureau International / Messianic Jewish Super Site
Welcome to the central and premier web site of the Messianic Jewish restoration of the Kingdom of God through the redemption found in Yeshua HaMashiach, the Messiah of Israel.

6. Messianic World Site
Messianic significance of Biblical Feasts, Patterns of Biblical Worship, Bible Commentaries

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