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In just a few short hours learn how to read and write Hebrew. This clear and straightforward workbook has been specially created for English speakers with absolutely no knowledge of Hebrew.
  • Use at home, at your own pace.
  • Learn how to write Hebrew script.
  • Modern and Biblical Hebrew - in one workbook.
  • Practice with a handy 60-minute audio cassette,
    featuring a native Israeli speaking slowly and clearly.
  • Helpful flash cards to reinforce what you have learned!
Unlike other Hebrew-teaching texts, this language tutor features:
  • Important, basic concepts in speaking and understanding Hebrew, NOT complicated grammatical rules that confuse beginners.
  • Easy-to-understand examples from the English sound system to explain and illustrate Hebrew sounds.
  • A focus on modern-day, spoken Israeli Hebrew.
  • A Biblical Hebrew supplement - first steps in the Holy tongue.
  • A Common Expressions supplement.
  • Clear, slow and proper Israeli accent.

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