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Journeys of St. Paul Video or DVD $19.95

A Family Tree: From Adam to Jesus
An avid traveler, St. Paul preached the word wherever he went: in the age-old cities of Ephesus and Antioch in Turkey, Philippi and Corinth in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, from tip to tip in the Holy Land itself, and many, many other destinations. Set against the Christian background of the Holy Land and the ancient Middle East, "Journeys of St. Paul" follows the spiritual journey of St. Paul in its historical chronology and, of course, its natural geography.

Walk the path of St. Paul from his dramatic conversion and devout commitment to spreading the teachings of Jesus to his involvement in the founding of the first mission churches and the Council of Apostles. Clear, detailed maps of his travels, ancient prints and paintings of his destinations at the time he visited them, and modern footage of those locations today are accompanied by inspirational and highly informative narration that chronicle his life, travels, and missions from birth to death. "Journeys of St. Paul" makes tracking this apostle's ancient globe-trotting not only easier to follow but brings his adventures to life... an experience the viewers are certain to never forget!

Running Time: 50 minutes

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