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T-shirt - FrogTheir land brought forth frogs in abundance, in the chambers of their kings. Psalms 105:30

After the Egyptian Pharaoh begged for an end to the second plague, the Lord had mercy on his people and promptly blew the amphibians into the Red Sea, from which they certainly would not return. And since Israel's freshwater resources are much slimmer than her saltwater ones, the frog doesn't exactly thrive here either. Three of the five species of frogs and toads that do survive here are in fact quite prevalent, such as the European green toad and Savigny's treefrog, but it is much more common to think oneself in a lizard's wonderland in Israel than a leapfrog's playground. The Israel painted frog, once abundant in the Hula swamp, was actually extinguished in the 1950's when the swamp was drained in an attempt to bring under control a raging malaria epidemic. The area has now become a nature reserve... but the Israel painted frog has not returned.

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