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BRAND NEW: The only dictionary with transliteration!
  Introducing: Digital Word Plus
The Best Hebrew Dictionary on the Market
. . . is Digital Word's state-of-the-art desktop
Hebrew-English / English-Hebrew translator
with phonetic transliteration!

phonetic transliteration
Special Offer start November 1, 2004 end December 31, 2004
Buy Digital Word Plus $169.95 and get Free DVD:
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The only dictionary that shows you how to pronounce Hebrew words in English letters!

Regular price: $189.00Sale price: $169.00

What Makes Digital Word Plus Unique?
Digital Word Plus is the best educational tool on the market for anyone learning Hebrew for Bible study, conversation, or just for fun! Not only does the dictionary's memory contain hundreds of thousands of words in both English and Hebrew, but every Hebrew word is stored as well with its English "transliteration": a syllable-by-syllable phonetic pronunciation of the Hebrew word in English letters. Just type in an English word, press "Enter", and the Hebrew word appears. Don't read Hebrew letters? No problem! Press the button again and the phonetic pronunciation appears in English letters. The dictionary is even equipped with an advanced English spell-check feature, "Speller+", which helps you find the English word you meant to enter. . . perfect for anyone translating in a hurry, or for those desperate bad spellers!

Digital Word Plus' top-of-the-line design earned it the Gold Medal at the INFOSYSTEM International Fair at Poznan. Its flawless, state-of-the-art construction ensures ease of use and years of reliable operation to your full satisfaction.


Enter a word in Hebrew or English, press "Enter", and. . .


Press once more and get the transliteration. . .

Hebrew language

This is an enhanced demonstration of the phonetic feature.


More Features:

* 350,000 words, including expressions, synonyms, idioms and colloquialisms
* Grammar indicator
* 2.5 x 1 inch display
* Adjustable screen contrast
* Automatic shut-off
* Ergonomic design
* American and British vocabularies
* Power-saving features ensure extra long battery-life
* 4 AAA batteries included
* 1-year warranty


 Digital Word Plus (Cat. $189) Our price: $169.00!
ORDER NOW and get our SALE PRICE of JUST $169.00!
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