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A Little Less Than Lions

T-shirt - A Little Less Than LionsBe as strong as a leopard, as light as an eagle, as swift as a deer, as brave as a lion to do the will of your Father in heaven.  Sayings of the Fathers 5:23 (from the Jewish Talmud)

King of the Beasts and symbol of the Tribe of Judah, the lion appears throughout the Book of Books from beginning to end. Samson, David, and Benaiah all slaughtered them, the Lord shielded Daniel in their den, they adorned the bases of the Temple and the stairs leading up to Solomon's throne, and towns are named for them in the Galilee (Tel el Assad, "Lion Hill" and Dier el Assad, "Home of the Lion"). Lions were indeed quite common in the Holy Land up until the twelfth century, appearing on Roman and Byzantine mosaics in the preceding eras, but seem to have vanished with the arrival of the European crusaders.

Nevertheless, great cats still make their home in Israel today. Wildcats roam from north to south, the sandcat dwells in the Arava depression, the jungle cat goes swimming wherever it finds water, the caracal prowls about central and southern Israel, and last but not least, leopards lurk all over the Land, but seem to especially fancy the oasis of Ein Gedi in the Negev desert. The modern resident of Israel rarely comes into contact with these elusive beasts, but urbanites everywhere are all too familiar with their less frightful cousin: the domesticated housecat. Our T-Shirt, whose text reads "The Nature Collection", is actually a tribute to this cuddlier (and sometimes mangier) family of felines which gathers not in the hills and deserts, but in our city trash bins.

The Bible Land Shop's collection of T-Shirts is exclusively 100% cotton. "A Little Less Than Lions" is available in youth sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14. Please indicate your preference on the order form.

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