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Canaan Lamp

Canaan LampThe eye is the lamp of your body; when your eye is clear, your whole body also is full of light.   Luke 11:34

A full-size, authentic replica of the earliest and most traditional Holy Land Oil Lamp. Such lamps were used to light the people's homes and synagogues from the time of the Patriarchs until
after the Disciples.

Formed from the very earth of the Holy Land, these Canaan Lamps recall the generations of the Bible right in your home.

Like their biblical originals, these fully-functional, reproduction terra-cotta lamps come unglazed and can be used with any common cooking oil. Olive oil, the choice oil of the ancient people of the Holy Land, produces an especially beautiful golden glow.

Oil lamps from Israel: fully functional replicas of archaeological finds from the time of Jesus and the Bible. Beautiful Jewish or Christian gifts crafted by hand from the earth of the Holy Land. the holy land, oil lamps, oil lamp, authentic oil lamps, antique oil lamps, Bible, ancient, ancient oil lamps, prayer lamps, oil lamp set, Jerusalem, Old City, Zion Gate, map Israel, Hebrew Scriptures, Christian gift, Jewish gift, Bible Land Shop, Hebrew, Israel, Jesus, Jesus Christ, Old Testament, New Testament, First Temple, Second Temple, Temple periods, period, Biblical times, hand made, handmade, made by hand, handcrafted, hand crafted, Patriarchs, Prophets, Disciples, israel, israel history, free gift, Easter gift, Christmas gift, holiday gift, Christian Easter gift, Christian Christmas gift, Christian holiday gift, Hannukah gift, Channuka gift, jewish holiday, Christianity, Judaism, temple, bethlehem, nazareth, capernaum, galilee, jordan river, pottery, last supper, archaeology, archeology, jewish prayer, jewish tradition, doko media

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